A Breakthrough Water Restructuring Unit

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Night Hawk Minerals has developed the means to restructure and energize water. This is not magic, this is science.

We at Night Hawk Minerals have built our foundation over the years from helping many with degenerative diseases.

Over this time we had used the theory of “Radiation Hormesis” to try and explain the many miracles we had witnessed, but as this went on, it was getting harder and harder to make the connection between theory and the results. We were able to finally validate, using waters at first, that what we were dealing with was “Frequencies”, not the hormesis effect. Once we understood this and could validate it, it changed our vision on everything. On this website are some very important videos that show the reality of these discoveries. I highly recommend Dr. d’Angelo’s video.

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Now, let me try and simply explain what is occurring when we are using the water restructering units. To restructure water you first imprint a frequency on a water molecule, it then spreads to other water molecules. That is restructuring water. What the units are doing is vortexing the water to clear the memory, and at that point it is surrounded by the minerals that put out the same frequency that we have been using for years to successfully help others overcome disease. It worked!!

We have made it our mission to help people first, but without hesitation we put out these units to help our farmers. For years we believe the farmer has been set up to fail. You should see what happens when everything goes RIGHT! If you are interested in restructured waters for your health, animals. or agriculture, please contact us and we’ll answer your questions. As I tell all my farmers, the only way we will win this thing is with the TRUTH! God Bless.

The Emanator Home Unit

The Emanator is for home use, when placed in line with the main water unit, your household will begin to see the benefits of restructured units.
Click here to learn more about the Emanator Home Unit.

Learn more about the Emanator

The "Cloud Buster" for Agricultural use

This revolutionary unit i built for large scale use. Our farmers see increased crop yield will less water.
The crops and the soil become healthier every season and production increases. To learn more about the Cloud Buster click here Learn more about the Cloud Buster

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